A girl like her

Would spend hours getting ready

To meet you

With perfectly curled hair,

Daintily applied make-up

And shoes that cost more

Than my one-bedroom apartment rent.


But me?

I’d either show up in sweatpants

A bun, and disheveled, hastily applied eyeliner

(The only thing I can do, honestly.)

And the first pair of clean shoes I can find.

I’ve been too busy to do laundry, you see.

Or forget to show up at all

I’ll be working till the wee hours of the morning

To reach a deadline, finish a report.


So you’d leave

Saying how I have ‘messed up priorities’

And I’d smile and breathe a sigh of relief

Call me shallow, and I don’t know about her

But I can never make a person my priority.


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