For years I yearned


For one phone call

An apology

For all the things you broke,

Which in turn

Broke me.


For you, to realize

The extent of your misdeeds

The crux, of your shallowness

The epitome of your naivety


Somehow, somewhere

I grew up,

Grew away from all the memories you stood for

You, seemingly haven’t.

You prance around like a newborn puppy

With 3 legs, and no tail.


I’ve lost all hope, it seems

In your soulless menagerie

I deleted your contact

Yet, I remember your number by heart

Couldn’t erase the scars you’d inflicted on me, could I?

As if somehow I knew

Deep inside

That you’d call.


Today, exactly at 7:19 pm,

My phone buzzed

And so did every cell in my body,

I battled myself,

For what seemed like forever

The ringing finally ended

Was that relief I felt? Or was it regret?

I guess I’d never know.


It rang again,

A couple minutes later

As if you knew me

(But you do know me)

That I’d be waiting,

And you’d need to try more than once

To get me to listen

You said, “Hello?”

And I?

Pulled out all the confidence from the deepest recesses of me

Mustered all my hidden perseverance from my core


Began to talk.

🎶 24 Hours – Lana Del Rey 🎶


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