After You Left

After you left

Where could I go?

All of my favorite places

were laced with your slivers

every wall seeped

with the memories of us

every road I traveled

echoed with your footsteps

every park bench, every swing

screamed of what once was.

So I stayed home.

I stayed away from you.

After you left

what could I eat?

My coffee seems bland

now that you don’t bring it to me

every bite is hard to swallow

it’s stuck in my throat

I can’t breathe

I can’t eat my favorite chocolate cake

I’m not used to eating it alone

every morsel makes me sick

every gulp floods me.

So I gave up on eating.

So I gave up on you.

After you left

What could I do?

Every book I own is stained

with your touch

every song rings

with your tuneless blurbs

a word has no meaning

if it’s not about you

I can’t dance with anyone else

your unrhythmic moves are the only beat

I want to be a part of.

So I left all of it.

So I left you.


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