The start:
After the incipient thrill,
Of being loved
By someone as demented
As me,
You’ll leave.

After that languid caress
Of your ego, your pride
When I’ll call you mine,
You’ll leave.

After I’ll pour my
Puny heart’s infirmities
My sporadic dulcet moments
In your ears,
You’ll leave.

These days:
Your words are distant
Your smile, it doesn’t shine
Like it used to
You’re leaving.

My stories don’t intrigue
You anymore
My words to you
Are dull, drab.
You’re leaving.

You’re moving away
As I try to inch closer
You think I can’t see?
You’re leaving.

I sat for an hour
With you
But you didn’t look
Even for a second.
You’ve left.

My stories
You don’t want to hear
My words
You transgress.
You’ve left.

I walked away
You just sat there
I looked for
A hand to hold
You were so far away.
You’ve left.


One thought on “Timeline

  1. This is not wrong.. Relations also age. They start with excitement and slowly the colors fade away.. However , it is totally upto us that we should not take them for granted. We should never stop of making efforts that we used to make in initial days of relation.

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