Your hands in my hair
Your blue eyes watching
my dark brown ones.
You sat there, mesmerized
By the poems I wrote
For you.
“I love you,”
You had whispered.
I still remember
As I sit here
Chopping off my jet black hair
Putting in coloured lenses
Burning all my notebooks.
I loved you
You left.
And the girl you loved
Is leaving too.


2 thoughts on “Bygone

  1. It leaves me in amaze that people in small ages can write complicated poems. However, I loved the words and understood the pain of yours.
    Was this inspired by a personal experience of you or it was just written???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much!

      This wasn’t really inspired by a personal experience, I just write about things that I hear or see from friends and such.

      Glad to see you’re enjoying my work! 🙂


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