The Triangle Revelation


“Is it possible to balance work and love and still be happy?”

Someone asked me this question, not really expecting an answer. That person was just reveling out loud. It got me thinking on various different angles and dimensions. After minutes of grueling myself, I came up with this triangle to define the relation between the three important aspects of a person’s life.

It’s a simple figure. A three sided polygon. Three lines connecting three points. The catch? You can only choose one line, and the two points that are on its end. I tried out this triangle theory with around 10- 15 people, and it seemed to work with 90% of them. The other 10% being too lazy and stupid to think deeply about their life and thus shrugging off my question. Choose any two points, and the third is ALWAYS compromised in your life. Always.

A person who balances his work and has peace and satisfaction by the end of the day generally has no family or love to worry about. I’ve seen many people like this. They live alone in their little bubble and don’t bother with relations and other people at all. They are oblivious people. Is this kind of lifestyle healthy? Will ignoring everything and disguising yourself as happy the right way to live?

People who have love in their lives, and state that they are completely at peace with their lives are mostly lacking in the career sphere. They may have a good work life, but they don’t work up to their caliber. These people are generally underpaid and overworked. They might not even be that happy with the results they get. But they come home to a loving home and a happy family, which makes them happy and forget about their worries for a little while. But is always staying in the shadow of love and happiness the way to go?

Then come the most common of them all. People who seem to have love and work balanced. You’re constantly envious of them. You wonder how they do it. You wish to be like them. Only, if you were like them, you’d be the most miserable souls on the planet. They work, and are great at it. They meet deadlines, they get good paychecks. They come home to smiling kids and husbands/ wives. Heck, they even vacation to some exotic place two times a year. Lucky? Not really. They don’t have time to take a breath. They can’t afford to lose anything. They can’t relax, even for a moment. They are constantly worrying and stressing about innecessant things. Do you wish to be like them now? They seem calm and composed, but deep inside, they’re storms waiting to unleash when no one is watching.

There are pros and cons to each of these lifestyles. So choose which one of these you want to live with. Don’t compare yourself to others. Their way of living has drawbacks too. At the end of the day, just be content with what you have, because you chose it yourself.


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