Full Circle

Sometimes certain things in life come a full circle. They end exactly where they started. You don’t really move anywhere. But you aren’t static either. Was it all for nothing then?

At times like that, don’t think that your entire effort was a waste and that you achieved nothing. You may not have gained anything materially, but you did gain something. You gained experience and knowledge. Life isn’t always about achieving something material. Life is about experiences and incidents.

Eventually, everything in your life will come a full circle. Some circles may be small, and not take a very long time to complete. Some circles are bigger and contain many other circles inside. Everything that happens, impacts you in ways you don’t even have a clue about. Every incident, every person, every failure and every success is important. These things make up your life as you know it.

Every dot in your life will gradually connect to other dots. Don’t lose hope. Don’t fret about it too much. Sit back, relax, and watch it all magically unite.

Life always comes a full circle. Gain all that you can from it. Revel in it and enjoy every second of it. Life ceases to be beautiful if you watch it with an ugly perspective.



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