Beauties of Nature (A poem by 14 year old me)

(I wrote this when I was 14 and recently found this piece in an old notebook. I somehow really like it. I wanted to edit it before posting, but somehow like it better this way. )

Watching the rain slide by my window, I look outside to the beauties of nature,

I find them beautiful, but wonder inside, what is it that they are trying to hide?


The flowers dance, as if reminiscing in some happy memory they want to share, but no one is listening.

The leaves flutter, as if wanting to break free and meet their fellow pals, but no one is letting them go.

Everything sways, sings, flows, dances… brimming with magical energy.

But I wonder about the harshness they forgo.


Nature makes us feel calm and relaxed, like everything is going to be fine.

But the struggle it takes to blossom a single plant, that only they can define.

Fragile and delicate on the surface, strong- willed and tough on the inside.

Going through everything, yet always facing the brighter side.


Sometimes when it feels as if there is no sunshine, and the rain is drowning out our lives,

That is the time to take precious lessons from the exquisite nature’s strife.

Experiences countless floods, disasters, calamities and the like,

Yet comes out strong with enormous might.


The cuckoo sings it’s melodious songs, tinged with grief of the loss of her love,

The ant struggles in the pool of water, looking out for help, the dove.

Even though it is dying inside, the flower always spreads love.

Greet nature with a smile to pay it off, that would be enough.


We all are just travelers amalgamating with the caricature,

Behold the strikingly powerful yet delicate beauties of nature.


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