The Right Time To Do Things

I learnt this the hard way. There is ALWAYS the right time to do things. That time, however, differs from person to person. The key to being happy is to not look at others and getting inspired unnecessarily. Everyone has their own pace. Listen to your heart, find your rhythm.
There are some things you did earlier than others. Some things you were ready for earlier than the rest of the world. You did them. You soared. If others had tried to do the same, following you, they would have fallen on their faces. They would have failed. I’m sure many even did. Just sit up, and notice.
There might be some things that your peers did/ achieved before you even understood what it fully means. So, my little advice would be, to try not to copy them and achieve that thing, now. Don’t chase things you aren’t ready for yet. You will fail, surely, and that will be a huge blow to your delicate self esteem.
At all times, keep the greater goal in mind. Keep the level of your mind, in mind. Find your pace and accept it. Move at it. Move with it.
One day, surely, you will soar to great heights.


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